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Rehab2Home believes that mobile rehabilitation service can offer huge potential to allow more patients to be treated in their own homes, to enable them to take more control over their care, time, convenience and to improve their quality of life.

Rehab2Home is part of the Healthe Care organisation, formed in 2005 in Australia to make and keep people healthy. Healthe Care is a Private Health Provider consisting of 17 hospitals across 5 states, 4 capital cities and major regional areas. Our group has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to health care offering a range of inpatient; outpatient and community based health care services while redeveloping its facilities to sustain this approach.

Rehab2Home is a team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapy and Dietician that provide a comprehensive service of care to yourself within your home environment. Each of your team members have had a number of years working both in the public and private sector of healthcare. The team will be able to adapt the services to your particular needs and wishes.

Conditions we are experts in:

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA), stroke

Traumatic Brain Injury

Parkinson’s disease

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Spinal cord degeneration


Post-polio management

Orthopaedic conditions including - fractures & joint replacement

Mobility & Balance issues

Respiratory Conditions – COPD, asthma, fibrosis


MND, MS & other neurological conditions


Patients with health problems have traditionally had to visit clinics regularly for treatment. This is inconvenient and disruptive for you, and can be increasingly unnecessary. Sometimes due to your condition you are unable to drive or it is difficult for family member to take you to your appointment. This can mean you missing out on your rehabilitation in the early and most important stage of your recovery.

Due to being part of the hospital network, Rehab2Home is now able to fast track referrals to geriatricians and rehabilitation specialists. They can assess the patient and directly admit into Healthe Care Private Hospitals for medical treatment or short spells of rehabilitation if necessary.

Rehab2Home utilises standardised outcomes to monitor the patients progress within the community. We regularly share feedback with the referrer on the outcomes, goals and progression of clients. Our data is sent off to AROC (Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre) for benchmarking again public & private hospitals to ensure we are effective & efficient with our treatments.


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